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Who We Are

Established in September 2007 by Dr. Woojung Kim, Hebron Medical Center (HMC) is a non-profit organization
that provides appropriate medical assistance to underprivileged Cambodian citizens.
As of August 2018, there are 53 doctors, nurses, and volunteers with 50 full-time local staff members.
HMC provides more than 50,000 free medical treatments and thousands of surgeries annually.
Since November 2014, HMC has operated a nursing school and initiated a residency training program
in order to help develop local medical professionals.

Letter from Executive Director

Hebron Medical Center (HMC), which welcomed its first patient at a small clinic with four Korean doctors and 12 local staff in Phnom Penh, has celebrated its 10th anniversary in November 2017. With a dedicated medical team, the number of patients has increased on a daily basis and we have witnessed many incredible outcomes. HMC has grown significantly in the last decade, with a dramatic increase in the number of Cambodian staff. Doctors, nurses, and management staff are being trained to become future leaders in the medical industry of Cambodia.

The role of the center started off with focus on providing primary care to local patients. In the initial stage, patients with heart disease were transferred to South Korea for appropriate surgical treatments. Currently, the center is able to provide beyond primary care, and various surgical operations including heart surgeries for children are now being performed in the center, offering another chance of a healthier life. All of this is believed to have been possible thanks to the early Korean missionaries who have dedicated their time and resources, highly cooperative Cambodian staff, and all who have helped through prayer and donations.

Our duty is not only limited to providing medical treatments to patients but also to nurture, enhance, and promote the well-being of the center’s staff and the Cambodian community. We will continue to do our best to achieve a given social responsibility and strive to work on improving organizational ethics, structure, and system with emphasis on accountability and transparency on all levels.

Dr. Woo Jung Kim


Here is the progress we have made so far.


(Jan.) EMR System implemented


(Oct.) 4th & 5th floor extension construction started


(May.) Nursing School building completion ceremony


(Jan.) Nursing School ground-breaking ceremony


(Aug.) Opening ceremony of Heart Surgery Center

(Mar.) Opening ceremony of Ophthalmology Clinic


(Oct.) NGO WITHHEBRON established in Seoul, South Korea


(Oct.) International NGO Hebron established in Irvine, CA, USA


(Sept.) Opening ceremony of new hospital building
                (40 beds, 3 operation rooms, Total floor area: 4000㎡)


(Sept.) Medical-project started with GCM, USA


(Dec.) MOU with Cambodia Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(Sept.) Medical assistance started in Phnom Penh
            (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Dental Clinic and Pharmacy)


(Jan.) HMC founded by Dr. Woo Jung Kim with support from
          Seoul Choongmu Presbyterian Church


Through top quality medical service,
we promote and contribute to the well-being of the Cambodian community and the cultivation of local medical professionals.


Providing top quality medical treatments


Nurturing staff and
training local medical professionals


Spreading love through palliative care and
Care After Program