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About Us

​Cure, Care, and Cherish All

We wish to treat and cure all those in need so that they may be a part of Cambodia’s better tomorrow



A hospital that values the human dignity of every individual, providing the best medical care and nurturing Christian leaders


We contribute to the healthy life and prosperity of Cambodians through high-quality health care, education, and love


Our Story

The Spirit of Hebron

The Spirit of Hebron is an indomitable pioneer spirit that cultivates and transforms the harsh land of Hebron into a fruitful place. It also symbolizes the spirit of being faithful to even the smallest tasks in a small place, and eventually being used for the great work of God.

Hebron Medical Center is committed to this spirit and will continue to work together until Cambodia becomes the land of life.


Our Goal


Advance Expertise while preserving identity

Elevate the level of expertise of medical personnel in Cambodia in treating non-communicable diseases(NCDs) such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes


Enhance local capacity through HMC

Contribute to strengthening the capacity of the Cambodian community


Develop human resources for the future

Cultivate local medical professionals imbued with the solid ethical foundation


Improve satisfaction of local staff and patients

Provide high quality medical services and an optimal working environment.

Medical Departments

Find medical departments and doctors

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