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Message from Founder


Greetings from Dr. Kim Woojung

2022 was a year of ongoing challenge. Despite this unprecedented crisis, we acquired new medical equipment to improve our health services and focused on our core objectives of healing and cooperation by continuing our professional training and Care After Program. Together we made it through as our donors supported the efforts of Hebron staff, who were undeterred by the danger and fear of coronavirus infection. Although we had to practice distancing, we saw the warm smiles behind each other’s masks and caught a glimpse of hope.

The Hebron Medical Center celebrated its 15th anniversary. While the pandemic is still with us, we are committed to building an organization that nurtures hopes and dreams. We will work tirelessly to ensure that donations are used where they are needed most and serve as a positive influence to others. We ask you to join us in giving healing to Cambodia. We pledge to do our utmost in overcoming hurdles that lie ahead and achieve beautiful outcomes in the future.

Thank you.


October 5. 2013 Presidential Commendation

January 25, 2015 Proud Recipient of the Catholic Medical School Award

February 16, 2015 Person of the Year Award from ‘DongpoNews’

October 3, 2016 Lee Seung-Hyu Culture Award (Social Service Division) Winner

January 12, 2017 Proud Kyunggi high-School Alumni Award Winner

April 21, 2017 ‘ Honorary Memorial Volunteer Service Award for Reverend Han Kyung-Chik’ from the Superior Foundation, and ‘Reverend Han Kyung-Chik Commemorative Association Award’ Winner

December 7, 2020 True Medical Personnel Award Winner from ‘Hanmi Science’

August 17, 2021  Il-ga Award Winner

November 25, 2021 Asan Award Grand Prize Winner

October 12, 2022 22nd Underwood Award Winner

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