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Clinical Ethics

Hebron Medical Center offers ethical guidance to assist our patients and establish moral principles for medical staff who may encounter challenging situations or difficult decisions while providing care to patients, which may arise from conflicting values.

Hebron Medical Center Code of Ethics

Established April 13, 2023

 Based on mission and vision rooted in Christian spirit, Hebron Medical Center aims to recognize the inherent dignity of every human level, protect the fundamental right to life, and serve as a leading role in creating a happy and healthy future for humanity. 

 Furthermore, we strive to do our role and social responsibility within the framework of law and ethics, providing more efficient and safe medical services to the local community and actively engaging in public pro-bono activities as a member of the community.

 As part of our commitment to these purposes, we intend this document to establish and enforce a code of ethics as a standard of decision making, behavior and value judgment. Its scope of application shall include internal employees, volunteers, employees of facilities entrusted and operated by Hebron Medical Center.

Hebron Medical Center Ethics Charter

We pledge as below, to be a world-renowned medical institution that receives love and trust from the people, by recognizing the dignity of human life and performing a crucial role in medical development with the spirit of charity and dedicated service.


We value human life as a highest priority, and dedicate ourselves to improving the health and quality of life of humanity.


We always think from the patient's perspective and strive to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.


We listen to our customers' opinions and do our best for their satisfaction.


We constantly conduct research and strive to develop medical technology to provide the best treatment.


We participate in public pro-bono activities for the hospital, local community, country, and even for humanity, and practice sharing management.


We comply with relevant laws and regulations and perform our duties with honesty and transparency.

Hebron Medical Center Code of Ethics

Established April 13, 2023


Ⅰ. Code of Ethics


Hospital must recognize that its foremost duty is medical care and strives to provide the best treatment to all patients.


Hospital should always be prepared with emergency medical services and protect patients with love and care.


Hospital should create a friendly and ethical treatment atmosphere through employee empowerment and cooperative efforts.


Hospital contribute to the advancement of medical care and enhancement of patients' trust through constant research and education.


Hospital maintain a clean medical environment and fulfills its duty to prevent infection fire(etc.) in safety management.


Hospital comply with relevant laws and conduct all transactions fairly and honestly.


Hospital keep patient confidentiality and respect their religious beliefs.


Hospital adhere to guidelines regarding patients rights and protection.


Hospital cooperate with related organizations and strive for the promotion of public health in the local community.


Hospital conduct ethical and appropriate promotional activities and do not defame other hospitals or engage in patient solicitation.


Hospital maintain and improve scientific and objective standards in patient management, facility equipment, and medical treatment.


Hospital share the pain of disasters that affect the community, nation and every humanity and participates in disaster relief through medical volunteer activities.

Ⅱ. The Rights and Duties of Patient

All patients at Hebron Medical Center have dignity and value as a human being and have the following rights and duties to lead a healthy life.

1. Patient Rights


Right to medical treatment

Patients have the right to receive appropriate healthcare services to protect and promote their own health, and are not infringed upon their health rights due to gender, age, religion, status or economic circumstances, and medical professionals can not refuse medical treatment without justifiable reasons.


Right to know and self-determination

Patients have the right to be fully explained regarding the disease status, treatment options, eligibility for medical research, eligibility for organ transplantation, expected outcome including side effects, and treatment costs from their doctors and nurses, and have the right to give consent or refuse.


Right to confidentiality

Patients have the right not to have their privacy violated or have their physical and health information divulged related to medical care, and medical professionals and medical institutions cannot disclose or announce confidential information except when they receive consent from the patient or when required by law for criminal investigations, for example.


Right to request consultation and mediation

Patients have the right to request consultation and mediation from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency in the event of a dispute related to medical services.


Right to receive medical services in a safe care environment

Patients have the right to receive medical services in a safe care environment in which health information is protected and patient safety is preserved.

2. Patient Responsibilities


Responsibility to trust and respect medical professionals

Patients must accurately inform their health-related information to healthcare providers, and trust and respect the healthcare providers’ treatment plans


Responsibility not to receive medical care in a dishonest manner

Patients must disclose their identity before treatment, and must not receive treatment through false or fraudulent methods, such as receiving treatment in the name of another person.

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